Events Calendar

Calender of events for January – July 2021

Course Date Location Duration Request
Best Practice in Using 3D/4D/5D BIM Modelling in Construction 9 Feb 2021 Webinar 2 days
Automation and Production Control by Australian Mining Companies. Remote Control Centres. 16 Feb 2021 Webinar 2 days
Drilling and Blasting Operations at Mines in Australia, Canada, Nordic Countries and CIS. 24 Feb 2021 Webinar 2 days
Higher Efficiency and Speed and Lower Costs in Mine Development and Shaft Sinking and. Successful Projects in Canada, Nordic Countries, Australia and CIS 25 Feb 2021 Webinar 2 days
Innovative Technologies for Processing, Ore Sorting, Milling and Flotation in Mining 2 Mar 2021 Webinar 2 days
Standard Operation Practices in Mine Geology 17 Mar 2021 Webinar 2 days
Waste and Water Management at Processing Plants: Tails Thickening, Dewatering and Filtration. 23 Mar 2021 Webinar 2 days
Offshore Oil Production in Shallow Water. Best Practice and Projects by Leading Operators 29 Mar 2021 Webinar 2 days
IT Tools for Modelling Ore Processing in Mining. Mine-to-Mill Optimization 13 Apr 2021 Webinar 2 days
HSE in Mining 15 Apr 2021 Webinar 2 days
Hydrometallurgy 18 May 2021 Webinar 2 days
Operation of Autonomous Technology and Trucks at El Teniente, Gabriele Mistral and Chuquicamata Mines in Chile 15 Jun 2021 Webinar 2 days
Internal Audit and Controls by Power Sector Companies 22 Jul 2021 Prague 4 days
Sea Port Effective Management in Rotterdam and Antwerp. 31 Jul 2021 Netherlands - Belgium 5 days