About TCCF

The Transeuropean Centre is a group of companies that specialise in developing and fostering business and cross-cultural relationships through a two-way trade in goods and services throughout Europe and Asia, with particular emphasis on Eastern European countries like Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.
By bringing delegations of senior business people from Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine to visit UK/European companies, we have earned our top-flight track record of creating valuable business contacts between foreign buyers and UK/European sellers of goods and services. Each delegation is from a specific industry background with very precise purchasing requirements to answer their industry challenges at home. By identifying the leading UK companies in each field and arranging site visits and presentations by those companies, we successfully create new business for Britain.

Our UK presenters are all industry specialists and have case-study experience of tackling real industry challenges using the latest technologies. It is through the presentation of their capabilities that our presenters are best able to highlight their company’s areas of expertise, be it consultancy, technology or project management.

Transeuropean Centre limited is responsible for compiling programmes of meetings and cultural activities for the delegations who visit the UK/Europe. By working closely with UK/European industry associations like the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, Pipeline Industries Guild and the Association of Electricity Producing Companies, TC is able to ensure that the UK/European industry is kept well informed about the delegations and their particular areas of interest.

We are always happy to discuss our projects and include new organisations in our portfolio of activities as either sponsors or presenters, so please feel free to contact us:

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Company: Transeuropean Centre of Commerce and Finance Limited
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